Thursday, 25 January 2007


We have a dilemma. I think you know by now that we, Dave and I, are heathens and our daughter, Hannah, goes to a Church of England school. It's our nearest school at the end of the road.

A couple of weeks ago we were advised by letter in Hannah's school bag that St Thomas's will be having a very special education service this Sunday. Apparently it will be a really super service and all parents are encouraged to attend.

We didn't plan to attend until….

Hannah came home on Monday and said that there is going to be a special service at the church and we should all go. Apparently two children from the class will be walking down the aisle with the beautiful Miss Cleminson, the class teacher who appears to be an angel with many wonderful features and no character or physical flaws. Hannah then clarified that this wasn't a wedding.

I tentatively asked who the children were going to be, mentally 'praying' (OK metaphorically speaking, I wasn't really praying) one of them wasn't Hannah. She didn't know who they were going to be, although it seemed that Miss Cleminson would be choosing. Now at this point several things ran through my mind. Would she choose children of reliable church going parents, or would she select children who need to see the light?

Well there's still no news on the choice of children but Hannah still wants to go. I tested her resolve today. I suggested it might snow heavily on Saturday night and would she rather play in the snow, or go to church. Unfortunately she opted for the latter, her rationale being that she'd never been.

Do we go, or not?

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