Monday, 19 February 2007

Entertaining children 1.01

Sorry about the title - terribly American.

Hannah and I went to the Science Museum today. It's er hum a while since I last went. I was probably about ten years old on my last visit.

About a year ago we went to the Natural History Museum and it looked tired. There were some exhibits that were clearly new, but the overall feel was dusty.

By contrast, I was amazed at how fresh and modern the Science Museum looked. Even the old exhibits were relevant for today and didn't look like they'd been assembled during rationing.

The basement was the most interactive area. There were loads of things for little hands to play with in the guise of discovering more about science. Things like making a bridge in unsupported arch form from foam bricks and then testing it with your own weight. It even coped with my weight.

The Flight area was, as you might expect, full of planes, which is always impressive when one considers they are suspended from the ceiling with bits of string (or maybe wire).

The area showing household appliances through the ages disturbed me because I recognised too many from my childhood.

Hannah absolutely loved her day, due in part to an excellent museum but there was another factor. It's amazing how exciting trains and tubes can be for someone that travels everywhere on foot or in a car.

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Ann said...


I've ALWAYS loved science museums. They have a great one in Seattle that I went to a few times when I was a kid and it got me hooked, and have been fortunate to go to others in several other cities, and the one in Birmingham sounds like the one you described.

I thought it ironic that you thought the Natural History Museum looked tired, given that it is about 'old' things! But I do know what you mean.

I loved going around the tube system on my University induction weekend, and do occasionally enjoy the novelty of it, but then I've never had to do a regular commute, and having been on the things even a very few times in rush hour, I count my MANY blessings!