Tuesday, 27 February 2007

The wheels on the bus

The wheel on the bus go round and round.

OK, the bus is huge, massive and, as Ethan says, 'normous. And I have a few issues. All of this means the T Cut trick worked.

Last car had auto headlamps which means I didn't have to remember to turn them on, or off. The bus doesn't. That means that, guaranteed, I will be driving in the rain or dark without lights on. And also, I'll probably end up with a flat battery because the one time I remember to turn my lights on, I'll forget to turn them off. Vish has been taking the piss telling me that at least it has a knob thingy to operate the lights but he doesn't understand!!!

The clock is set at the wrong time and I'm going to have to resort to the handbook to figure out how to change it. I've pressed every button.

I already resorted to the handbook for the phone thingy. Nothing. In the main handbook it says see audio handbook. I looked in the audio handbook. Nothing. Luckily the boss had photocopied sheet of instructions. I didn't ask where it came from.

And I've got voice control. What a laugh. I daren't even attempt that while I'm driving. I tried voice control on one of Dave's cars as amusement for the kids. I used to say "radio tune one oh five point eight" and it used to repeat "radio tune ninety two point three" or something silly and then it would try to argue with me. Ok maybe I would try and argue with it. Anyway whenever it said "sorry I didn't recognise that command" the kids used to laugh at it's supersillious voice. Or maybe they were laughing at me.

And while I'm whinging, the pedal efforts are very different from the Mondeo so I'm over revving and stalling everywhere.

Oh, and there's no tonneau cover. Either that or I haven't found it yet.

But it's got poke. For a bus it moves like brown stuff off a shovel.

It's got storage compartments everywhere. And the kids love the cupholders. They haven't used them yet, but they like the concept.

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