Monday, 26 February 2007

Get out of bed. It's raining.

Just over a week ago I found myself stood at the bottom of a ladder with my husband at the top of it. It was a very long ladder because our house is quite tall and Dave was fiddling with the guttering.

Now fiddling is perhaps a little cruel. The guttering was dribbling in a significant fashiononto a wall which lacked a capping stone thingy. Anyway the bricks were absorbing the water which was then being sucked up by the outside wall of the house. The sucked in water was then buggering up the plaster on the inside of the house. This was then showing itself with a sort of dampish yukkiness on the painted lining paper in our dining room.

Our house is a money pit. This is just one example of numerous ways that our bank balances are being denuded by our home.

So that's why my hubby was up a ladder. I never really know why people up ladders want someone situated at the base because I wasn't doing anything except looking at Dave's bum. I mean it's a nice bum but it was a bit chilly outside and I'd rather have been indoors.
Where was I? Sorry - distracted by a bottom.

Oh, Dave was up a ladder and he was fixing the dribbling guttering. It was a bit of an unorthadox fix using bathroom sealant (used for all sorts of things outside the bathroom).
Pleased with the fact he hadn't fallen off the ladder and he'd fixed the gutter he now wanted to conduct a test of the fix. So we wanted it to rain so we could check it was no longer dribbling.

That's why, in the middle of the night, lying in bed, listening to the rain, with Dave asleep next to me, I wanted to wake him up. I wanted to tell him there was an opportunity to get out in the rain and check his handiwork. I didn't wake him up, but I very nearly did.

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