Saturday, 24 February 2007

Rugby snack

This recommendation is really for Barbara, although the rest of you can benefit from trying this. Oh, and it doesn't have to be a rugby snack but that happens to be what I was doing when I discovered it. Watching the game, obviously, not playing it.

You know I bought marshmallows today. Well I've had a chocolate fondue pot in the cupboard and I've been desperate for an excuse to open it. Well the rugger was on and Sainsury had marshmallows in stock. That was good enough reason for me.

The choc fondue pot is made by Vanilla: and they're too easy to use. Just whack the pot in the microwave and stir.

Well, marshmallows dunked, so that no marshmallow is visible, in the Belgian Dark Chocolate Fondue is the yummiest yummy thing I've eaten in a while. And they worked perfectly to distract me from Scotland's nightmare start to the game today.

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