Saturday, 3 February 2007

If only Jamie Oliver knew...

On Saturday mornings Hannah goes to a gymnastics class at a local secondary school. On the way in to the hall we pass a vending machine. I was amused to see the following sign on it:

"With effect from September 2006, as a result of new Government Legislation, the sale of bagged and wrapped snacks and confectionery is prohibited within schools at lunchtime. It is also not permitted to sell drinks containing more than 5% sugar or ingredients from a prohibited list durin lunch.

This machine is currently not fully compliant and will therefore no longer be available for use at lunchtime.

Normal service will be available at Break and at other times authorised by your school."

I quite liked the fact that the healthy restrictions weren't seen as normal. I also thought the wording made it sound as though the exception of Break time was a loophole that the Government hadn't considered and that the school was exploiting. How rebellious!

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Ann said...


Very commendable for schools to do this. My eldest, still at school, used to use these and only ate junk at school, it is easy and quick and they fill up on the junk. Now he has a cooked meal each day and does not look quite so skeletal!

It is all well and good banning this type of food at school but what about educating the parents for when they get home!

Posted by Nick On Sunday, February 04, 2007 at 6:31 PM
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