Friday, 6 July 2007

Are you comfortable?

On Monday, while we at Champneys, I had a massage. It wasn't my first and probably won't be the last.

So first things first - clothes off (except knickers).

Then, as the beauty therapist holds a towel discretely to preserve my modesty, I make myself comfortable on the couch bed thing. But that's the problem. It's never comfortable. I hate putting my head through that hole thing that's designed into those massage tables. And the alternative is to lie on your front with your head skewed round to left or right.

So when the therapist says, or whispers, "Is that comfortable?", what I want to say is "NO!!!!" but what I actually say, or whisper, is "Yes, fine thanks."

Why? Why do I do that? I'm sure other people say "Well no actually."

And on the subject of what's wrong with this setup, the other thing is preserving my modesty. I've got two children. That whole process means there is no modesty remaining. Maybe there should be two ways to treat a client. Modesty preserving for those spared the joys of motherhood, and the 'get your kit off and lie on the couch thing' for those who had the pleasure...

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