Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Thanks a lot

I do wonder about my image at work.

I know I'm noisy. Today Michelle told me it's noticeably quieter when I'm not in, and I know I annoy Tracey when she's having an important call with the Greeks and I'm being too noisy about four foot from her phone.

I know I joke too much and don't take myself too seriously, which is just as well because colleagues don't take me too seriously either.

But then someone will say something and I think "where did that come from?"

Today as I left the office I walked past Frank. He said, in a Scottish accent that I won't try and replicate, "Hey Ann, you've made me smile today." And I thought "That's nice. I'm glad I brightened someone's day." And then he finished by saying "You're as daft as a brush."

Now I didn't do anything out of the ordinary today. I was just me. I did lots of chatting, joking, laughing, oh, and some work. So what I want to know is what makes me as daft as a brush? What did I do that made him smile more than I normally do?

A girl could become paranoid.

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