Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Nothing to say

I was chatting to someone today and we were talking about errors people make when they key in long strings of data. I recalled my pay for parking by text example. He said "I know. I read your blog." which promptly shut me up (a rare occurrence).

Someone popped up in a chat window this morning and they were using the meebo widget I embed in my blog on Blogger. This meant I knew they were viewing this blog. I'll be meeting them for the first time tomorrow. I'll have nothing to say because everything has been said, here on these screens.

I'm not claiming that I ever possessed any social skills, but perhaps blogging is just helping to erode any social skills I might have had. All of those conversation snippets that I used to save for later are now used for the blog.

And am I that dull that all I have to say for myself has already been said on screen?

Maybe I should say nothing.


RNB said...

It's positive whichever way I look at it...

for those people you like talking with, it saves you going over basic details again - like when phoning home from abroad you have to ask about the weather before getting on to the juicy stuff...

and for the people you would rather not talk with, at least not in detail, you can just say "read the blog" ;)

Ann said...

I was thinking that one might view it positively from another perspective. Me talking less would please many I'm sure.