Wednesday, 25 July 2007

I was nearly butchered

I went to the doctor yesterday. Nothing life threatening, but I am being referred.

It was a "Would you be going private?" conversation, and I would be.

We discussed who'd be the best specialist and I recognised the name of one of the contenders; Mr B who has already operated on me, probably about 10 years ago.

Now the operation that Mr B did had to be repeated a few years later but with Mr S. The scar left by Mr B was OK, but visible. The scar left by Mr S was invisible - it was perfect. Consequently I had concluded that Mr S was the better surgeon.

My doctor and I discussed my previous experiences and I was shocked to learn that my deductions about expertise were misguided in the extreme.

Apparently Mr S has a series of outstanding negligence cases and has appeared in front of the General Medical Council. His surgery and bedside manner have both been the subject of criticism. I can understand the bedside manner allegations as he does lack appropriate interpersonal skills, but the allegations of surgery malpractice were a surprise.

On this occasion my doctor didn't even suggest Mr S, and we settled on Mr B.

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