Sunday, 29 July 2007

My mum never did

The label on the ketchup bottle says "Refrigerate after opening and eat within 8 weeks." I don't refrigerate ketchup and I don't usually eat within eight weeks because my mum never did.

There are people reading this making a mental note not to ask for ketchup at our house.

There are numerous products that my mum never stored in the fridge which, these days, demand refrigeration; Mayonnaise, jam, marmalade, mustard and tomato puree are a few that spring to mind.

I'm sure you can think of a few too, but who is right? I confess my mayo and tom puree is refrigerated but is that the way it should be? Was my mum right to put these things in a cupboard and am I risking my family's health by not placing these items in a fridge?


RNB said...

It's corporate cowardice. Plus why were glass ketchup bottles ok to keep outside, but plastic ones only in the fridge?

Ann said...

I wasn't aware of the difference between glass and plastic. More to worry about.