Monday, 2 July 2007


I had a glorious day today. I drove around the M25 to my friend Jo's house in Tring and had a cup of tea.

Now the day would have been great if I'd just done that but the day continued to be great.

We drove to Champneys.

Jo had a full day of treatments booked by her lovely adorable husband (note to all husbands - you will become lovely and adorable if you buy us a posh spa day). I bought my own day to match Jo's and we called ahead to make sure our treatments would happen concurrently.

We didn't really do much but we did have a very relaxing massage, a facial that involved putting about 20 different products on our faces and then taking them off (I have a theory that the older and wrinklier you are the more products they use), a pedicure and manicure in a colour I'm not sure I like (on me - Jo, the purple looks good honest).

We did steam room, relaxation room, outdoor jacuzzi, aqua aerobics class, laconium, terrace bar and restaurant. And we chatted, and chatted, and chatted.

And we just had to stop by the Champneys shop to buy some of the products that had been slapped on during the day.

And I now have Champneys slippers and flip flops.

And I'm actually very tired. I've spent the day chillaxing.

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