Thursday, 5 July 2007


Yesterday Tracey and I went for an eyebrow threading appointment with Meena.

Meena is a wonderful person who has a remarkable skill with a single piece of cotton. She can shape eyebrows with an unerring accuracy and speed.

Anyway, before meeting Meena I was a bit slapdash with eyebrow maintenance. To be honest if there's too much time in between appointments now I revert to my slapdash ways.

Anyway I couldn't believe the difference a bit of quality eyebrow shaping makes to my appearance and I did wonder how I'd coped before. £3 and five minutes - a very worthwhile investment.

However. Tracey was joking with Meena that I was a bit of a Dennis Healey before I joined the Meena gang. I hoped she was joking.

Then, after Meena finished my eyebrows (ouch!) she asked, which she always does, "upper lip?" by which she means moustache. I said "No, I'm fine thanks." To which she said "OK, really?" and laughed.

Now I've never been self conscious about having a moustache. I've never even bloody well thought I had one. But now I find myself checking my reflection trying to see whether I have a facial hair problem.

I didn't have a problem until Wednesday and now I'm paranoid.

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