Monday, 16 July 2007

Poor Thierry

As I ambled through Liverpool Street station this morning I spied a screen sharing Sky News with the masses of commuters.

Walking as I read I was surprised to read that "Thierry Henry has spit from his wife."

I'd heard of egg and sperm donation, kidney and bone marrow donation, blood and blood plasma donation but never spit.

I wondered what the benefit would be to Henry of having some of his wife's spit. Was it a medical thing or did he have a fetish for collecting spit? Alternatively, perhaps they'd argued and she'd decided to spit at him and he'd kept it as evidence because he was pressing charges.

The next screen mentioned it might cost him £25m which I thought was a bit much regardless of why he had the saliva.


RNB said...

It's obviously missing a letter ... and subconsciously the writer wanted to express the disgust and humiliation poor Claire is feeling after hearing she'll only get sub £10m payout and not the huge Barcelona fees ... so it should have read "Thierry Henry has spite from his wife" :)

Or maybe it was missing two letters, she's reconciled, offered him a cool lemonade ...

"Thierry Henry has sprite from his wife"

Ann said...

Very good. Have you considered a career in journalism? I hear their offices are as soulless as ours.