Thursday, 26 July 2007

The Boy Princess

Ethan is three years old and still in nappies. He's a lazy little so and so who is perfectly capable of doing without the protection afforded by the mighty Pampers or Huggies but anyway.

Hannah is five and still wears a nappy at night. This isn't laziness, it's insecurity. It's the equivalent of a comforter.

For those who are unfamilar with nappy brands, allow me to introduce Huggies Pull-Ups.

Huggies Pull-Ups are available in either Disney Princess pink or Disney Cars blue. They are designed with a pattern that disappears when the nappy is wet and the clear benefit is that the child can see their own potty training report card right on the nappy; instant feedback.

One might imagine that Hannah would want to wear the Disney Princess pink version, and Ethan would want to wear the Disney Cars blue version.

Well yes and no. Over the last week or so Ethan has increasingly asked for a 'Princess nappy', 'girl nappy' or 'pink nappy'.

My view of this is that 'it's a nappy, the only difference is the colour, what's the problem? If he wants pink, let him have pink'.

Dave's view is that 'he's a boy and should not be seen dead in pink'. Dave has tried everything to get him back into blue. ("Ethan - are you a girl?")

I wonder who has the greater problem? Ethan and his penchant for pink or Dave and his pink issues....

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