Sunday, 8 July 2007

Know thy enemy

Ethan does not like cheese. Cheese is a staple for this family. This is a problem.
I have tried all sorts of ways to overcome the problem and the furthest we'd got, until recently, was acceptance of melted cheese.
Last week, on the promise of sticker, he ate Babybel.

Thinking that we'd made a breakthrough, even though Babybel isn't real cheese, I tried the same sticker bribery today.

No result.

He asked for milk and I said "only if you eat your cheese."

No result.

We continued in a similar vain for a while and eventually we ran out of time and I said "Come on Ethan, this is your last chance. Mummy has to go and collect Hannah from Luke's party."

"I want to go to collect Hannah too."

I sensed an opportunity. "Well you can only come to get Hannah if you eat your cheese."

Success. The only problem with this is it's difficult to replicate. But success is success. We will get there.

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