Tuesday, 24 July 2007

A version of the truth

Prince Charles turned up to work today. He wanted to plant a tree.

Our office building is 40 years old and that seemed like a good excuse to plant a tree or two. HRH plonked some soil around the base of a pre-planted specimen, one of 40 trees to be planted to celebrate the 40 year anniversary of concrete and a test track.

I'm sure the great and the good told the story of how the 275 acres of Essex countryside comprising of natural grasslands, shrubs, trees and ponds was enhanced through the planting of 22,000 trees and 17,000 wildflowers.

I'm sure he was told about the 300 plus fish that live in the pond that we lovingly call 'the lake'.

I'm positive that he will have been advised about the Wildlife Habitat Council award that was made in 2000. This award programme recognises outstanding wildlife habitat management and environmental education efforts at corporate sites.

I wonder how they explained the mess of construction at the gateway to the site. The new location of a massive car dealership eating into a portion of that 275 acres.

I wonder if they even mentioned the 133 acres of land currently identified for 450 residential dwellings.

But then Prince Charles would understand this selling of land for development. He's just stumped up £20million to buy Dumfries House in Scotland. Part of his plans include the development of 66 acres acquired through this deal to create another Poundbury.


RNB said...

I am so impressed. Not only is that well written, well researched, brave, and the main points so clearly stated. It's hard to continue without sounding obsequious, but I mean it.

Particularly the "brave" bit. I like the fact that you have taken an alternative view of established news. But are you sure that your employer would approve?

Ann said...

I hate the fact I have just had to google obsequious.

Thank you. But you can be sure my employer will approve.

The corporate leadership behaviours that are used to judge my ability include courage, communication and integrity. ;)