Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Perhaps I should explain

I have suffered depression in the past. I have taken the little green pills. I know that when someone is taking Fluoexatine they're actually taking Prozac.

Oh, and if ever you are in the position of having that same prescription in your hand, then don't be scared. Think carefully about whether you want to go down the drugs route but if you decide there isn't another option don't be frightened.

Prozac isn't great in the first couple of weeks. It can make you feel sick, but if you're depressed, feeling sick is actually not that important.

It takes a couple of weeks before Prozac actually has an effect, and don't expect a dramatic change. Just gradually, over time, you will become a nicer person, without really being aware that it's happening.

For those who are wondering - no, I'm not on the happy pills anymore. Haven't been for a while. And that's the other thing I don't think you need to worry about. I didn't find Prozac addictive at all. I just stopped taking them when I felt better.

But anyway, when I have a bad day, like yesterday, I worry. I think it's that slippery slope. I know what it's like and I don't want to go back there.

Anyway, I'm fine. Honest. :)


Kevin M. Keating said...

I don't mean to post this comment in the wrong place, but I have written a response to your question on Frivolous Motion about the blogger tag cloud.

Hope it helps - if not, shoot me an email (!

Anonymous said...

Re tears, bad days, concerns about depression returning - I know how you feel. Always the fear it is returning and not just a 'bad day'.
We should have another relax day to chat about it.

Ann said...

I think a relax day a week sounds good. :)