Monday, 9 July 2007

Train slob

You know I travel regularly on tube and train and I've shared some of my thoughts on commuting. Well today's rant is against the train slob.
What is a train slob, I hear you say.

A train slob is a big, fat (usually) man who is competely inconsiderate.

Apart from an unsightly appearance, what else about the train slob is irritating?

They take up too much space. They're usually big people but they seem to occupy more space than they need. The prime example that sat opposite me today, took up more than the allocation of just one seat and sat in the arrogant 'knees far apart' position which takes up lots of leg, as well as bum, space.

The train was crowded with people standing. Mr Train Slob had a space next to him, but none of the people standing considered the seat next to him to be a viable proposition because he seemed to be occupying that space with both his body and a backpack.

Anyway, for those of you can't picture my Mr Train Slob, here's a picture. I mean he just doesn't look like a nice man, does he?

As an aside - I love the camera on my phone. And Steve G you were right, I was wrong. You predicted I'd want a camera phone, I said I wouldn't. I didn't, but now I've got one, I wouldn't be without.

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