Saturday, 28 July 2007


I mentioned the other day that I'd been referred.

I called the private healthcare provider and the consultant. I had policy numbers and all of the other information necessary to sort everything without having to bother my husband for any details.

I'm covered on my husband's health insurance, so I don't need to have my own policy.

Today a form requiring patient's consent was sent to our address but for my husband's attention. The letter started "Thank you for contacting us regarding your wife's referral to see Mr B."

Dave didn't contact them, and what's more, surely my medical treatment is my business, not his. They needed my consent, so why write to him?

Imagine I suspected cancer; I don't, but imagine I did. I might not want Dave to know I have a referral because I might not want to worry him.

Surely they must be breaching privacy law. I know I'm married to Dave but I'm not happy that they consider it acceptable to to share confidential information with him.

Dave's answer to all of this is that it's his policy and that's why they're contacting him. I think it's wrong but perhaps I'm over-sensitive.

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