Friday, 27 July 2007

What is too much?

There are times when Dave has work to do with a deadline and he runs out of time to get it done during the working day.

I understand that these days the working day is flexible, but Dave tries to get home every night for six o'clock. Once Dave's helped out with the kids bathtime, maybe gone to the gym, then eaten, it could be half past nine before he's free to finish off any work. Without a trip to the gym it's about eight o'clock before he starts work.

Now were he to work for just 30 minutes or so I wouldn't be concerned, but there have a couple of nights this week when Dave's worked until about one o'clock in the morning.

Dave isn't paid overtime; hardly anyone in our company is. Is it right that he feels he should work these hours.

Is it the company demanding this dedication or is it an inbuilt need to deliver on time? Should he be able to say no or should the company wind back on the workload? Or is this kind of excess reasonable?

What is too much?


Anonymous said...

Dave either has a problem estimating time for work correctly, getting things done in time, or learning how to say no. Finding a work-life balance is essential, and he has not done it yet. As a result, both he and his family are suffering. It is time he stopped in his tracks, and re-evaluated. Perhaps he could use a tip or two from the book How to Manage Your Boss.

Ann said...

He gets it more right than many others.

He sees the kids at bath and bedtime and manages to find time for exercise too.

But as I write it's 9:00pm and he's working. From what he tells me there are many at his level in the company who put in similar hours.

He's a perfectionist and wants do a good job. I don't know what the answer is. I think the answer is saying no but that doesn't always come easily.