Monday, 17 September 2007

Don't listen to the news

I went to bed early last night. My body needed a bit of recuperation time after a nasty tummy bug over the weekend.

I didn't watch the news yesterday, I didn't listen to the news. Come to think of it I haven't absorbed the news for a few days because of lack of opportunity/interest.

Today as I walked into the train station I noticed a distinct lack of people. I walked straight to the ticket desk. This is unusual. Normally I wait behind at least 15 people all of whom are struggling into consciousness in the quueue.

I was running a little late, maybe 10 minutes, but this didn't really explain the lack of people; I've been running late before and it's never been this quiet.

As I walked towards the platforms I noticed the displays for train arrivals were displaying a service message: "The RMT Union has called off its industrial action planned for Sunday 16th and Monday 17th September."

Perhaps all of my usual fellow travellers had made other arrangements or perhaps there's another more obscure reason. Either way it made me realise that, sometimes, media consumption is a negative thing.

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