Sunday, 9 September 2007

Food for thought

My husband and I are very different.

When we've returned home after a trip out I will generally want to sit quietly and have a cup of tea or just sit and not do much.

Dave is into action mode even before we're in the house. Within minutes of arriving home this evening he'd unpacked the car, sorted the kids tea, sorted and put the recycling out, changed three sets of bed linen, put a wash on, sorted some other laundry into various different piles.

I managed to sit down and chat to the children and run a bath for them, which I do consider to be a value added exercise because, had I not done that then they would have been bugging Dave and he wouldn't been half as productive.

I can't imagine how terrible life would be if I'd married someone like me - now there's food for thought.


Janie Hobbs said...

Can I borrow him ?

Ann said...

He is available but at quite significant charge out rates. :)