Monday, 3 September 2007

Organisational skills

Today was my last day of a 26 day break from work. It is also the day before the first day of the new school year.

Over the summer libraries nationwide have been conducting a programme to encourage reading during the summer holidays. They do this every year and this summer's theme was 'The Big Wild Read' - something to do with the environment.

The theme varies but the concept remains the same year on year. A sticker chart record of book records is issued and stickers awarded for each book completed. If six books are read though the holidays then a medal and certificate are awarded.

It's a reasonable programme and, for children who stay at home with their mothers for all of the six weeks of the break, it's easily achievable.

Our lives are a little more hectic. Reading the books is not a problem, but scheduling six visits to the library presents more of a challenge. So we cheat.

We get away with taking two completed books in for each visit.

Last week I had planned to do the final trip to the library, collecting the last stickers and enabling Hannah to collect a medal and to be presented with her certificate in a special school assembly.

Plans are all very well but one needs a back up plan when the first one is scuppered.

The children spent longer at their grandparents last week than we had predicted. On their return we bundled them in a car to go away for the weekend.

Panic set in today as I knew this was my last chance. I heard from another school mum that the programme finished last Saturday.

I went to library sheepishly and pleaded. Luckily I didn't need to pinch or kick Hannah to induce a hysterical screaming fit to help me get my way; The staff were used to parents who just weren't quite organised enough and they added Hannah's name to the list. Her medal will be ready for collection next week and her certificate guaranteed before half term.

Mission accomplished. Phew!

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