Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Organisational skills - part deux

In addition to yesterday's pathetic last minute sorting of the library summer read project, I also found myself sorting out last minute school uniform buys.

Shoes were first on the list and were sorted quickly. Writing this reminds me that I haven't bought plimsolls. Note to self: task for the weekend.

Last week I'd bought school pinafores and polo shirts. The polo shirts are supposed to bear the school emblem. I cheated this year and bought plain polo shirts. My thinking is that if they are worn under a pinafore then the embroidered emblem is obscured, so why pay the extra?

The thing that was still on the list, because that does require a trip to the school uniform shop, is a trio of cardigans bearing the school emblem.

I owned up to my lack of forward planning and someone mentioned that the school uniform shop had moved. It's a good job someone told me because I could have turned up to an empty retail outlet and resorted to hair pulling and wailing.

At 4:45pm on the day before the first day back at school, I found myself at the end of a queue that stretched out of the school uniform shop onto the pavement. Five minutes before the shop closed I reached the counter. I bought the last three cardigans in Hannah's size. That's what I call cutting it fine.

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