Sunday, 2 September 2007

Living in IKEA

IKEA has a strategy of arranging the store as a series of rooms so that consumers feel that they too can live the IKEA way.

It's a bit like the strategy I once heard about the importance of mirrors in a house that you're trying to sell. Apparently if the potential buyer is viewing a house and looks into the mirror they then see themselves, but in your house. Psychologically that's supposed to help them envisage living in the house and thus buying it. This could be utter codswallop of course, who knows?

I've often wondered whether living in an IKEA house would live up to the dream of the marketing both in the catalogue and the store.

I had the chance to find out. Our holiday home was almost exclusively filled with IKEA furniture, crockery, kitchen utensils, linen etc..

It does work. In fact I now need a trip to IKEA to buy loads of things that I wouldn't have picked off the shelves but, having used them and lived with them, I now need them.

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RNB said...

I think I said it before. But Ikea is hell.

If the ideal shopping experience involves going straight to the type of thing you want to buy, being presented with alternative choices, then buying it as simply and swiftly as possible - then being forced to wander round in the most convoluted paths imaginable must be torture.

I will never go there again.