Monday, 10 September 2007

Incy Wincy

We have an unofficial pet.

Hannah received a bug collectors kit for her birthday and we had some free time on Thursday in which we could play with it. The kit had bug collecting tubes with lids, a mesh covered box to store little beasties and a jar with a magnifying glass in the lid for close observation.

We started by collecting ants, but they were boring after a while so Hannah moved onto a different activity.

A couple of days later I found Spidey spider next to the shower. He's a reasonable size and quite pretty. I put him in the viewing jar and when Hannah woke up I showed her Spidey.

I managed to find a fly who was a bit dopey for Spidey's lunch. The fly didn't last long.

I found a dead fly for dessert but Spidey wasn't interested.

The next day there was a daddy longlegs (crane fly) hanging about not doing much in the kitchen. He was easily persuaded to join Spidey. Daddy Longlegs didn't last very long either.

Now I don't want Spidey to die on my watch but I don't want to have to keep collecting live meals to keep him (or her) going. And Hannah says we can't let him go. What should I do?


RNB said...

So you had a spider that swallowed a fly? You need a bird to swallow the spider ...

... actually that story doesn't end very well.

Janie Hobbs said...

Your spider has lasted longer than my bird !

Ann said...

Incy was released a couple of days ago now. Nobody noticed!