Monday, 10 September 2007

How to start drinking at lunchtime and avoid a hangover

1. Take a Piriton tablet in the morning
2. Have a Lemsip at lunchtime
3. Have a reasonable lunch
4. Drink gin and tonic (copious quantities)
5. Have greasy burger at train station on way home
6. Drink pint of water just before bed
7. Wake up early and drink another pint of water
8. Cook a decent breakfast and eat it (bacon and eggs must be included)

I think this is the formula that worked for me. The problem is that I'm not sure which elements are the key factors and which were just coincidental. Additionally I've included all of the details that I consider salient but I could have omitted some. Should I, perhaps, have included 5.5 Take cab back from train station, or 5.8 Wait two hours after getting home before you go to bed? There are other examples of items omitted but I'm not sure they're relevant, hence the omission.

Maybe you could try my method and tell me if it works for you. Perhaps I should engage on a serious of scientific experiments in which I vary the list and judge the effects.

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