Sunday, 16 September 2007

People only get married in the summer

We went shopping for a bridesmaid/flowergirl dress yesterday.

Did you know people only get married in the summer?

John Lewis had no stock of any dress that was remotely suitable. Their explaination, when questioned, was that they only get one delivery of wedding 'stuff' a year, and that's in February. Once it's sold, it's sold. It's September, and it's sold.

Marks and Spencer, when a similar lack of stock was apparent, explained that the wedding stock had been removed to make way for Christmas.

These weren't the only stores to demonstrate a clear bias towards the summer wedding.

Fortunately, amongst the dregs left from the summer wedding buyers, we found the most beautiful dress, but this didn't detract from the annoyance at the wedding attire strategy demonstrated most clothing retailers.

And what's wrong with getting married in the winter anyway? My anniversary is in December.


Anonymous said...

OK, this has troubled me as I am my sisters bridesmaid in December in Tobago and we haven't got a dress yet!!!


Ann said...

You'll probably be OK in Debenhams or House of Fraser, although a friend has recommended a street in London that does just wedding stuff. Let me know if you need the name of the street.