Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Blast from the past

I had a call last week, at home.

"Hi, this is a call from your past. You don't know who this is do you? ... It's Jane's mum."

So I racked my brain and tried to remember who'd been in hospital having children at the same time as me; who'd been in the same ante natal or post natal classes.

And then the caller owned up. I went to college with Jane and Jane's mum is organising a surprise birthday party.

So I have a plan. Somebody invited to the party is someone that made a part of my life very difficult. I want to be confident when we next meet.

Before the party I will arrange to have a hair appointment. I will have a wrap to lose inches, a fake tan to make me look healthy and slimmer, a facial to make me look less old and tired, a new outfit to make me feel good and anything else I can think of to make me feel or look better.

I'm not at all insecure, am I?

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