Monday, 10 March 2008

Etiquette advice required

On the train this morning there was only one seat free. You know the kind of seat I'm talking about. It's the last one in the carriage and it's between two grumpy men. The men are overlapping the available seat, trying to occupy the space making it unattractive to other people.

I'm not the sort of girl that's intimidated by that kind of tactic so I made it clear my backside was going to sit on the spare inch of seat that was visible.

So I was sat, cramped, on the seat between Mr and Mr Grumpy for the journey from Shenfield to Stratford.

When we reached Stratford one of the grumpies left the train and I was left sat squashed up to the other grumpy.

What is the appropriate etiquette in this situation? I've consulted Debrett's and the only advice is that it is "good manners to respect each other's space."

Should I move to the spare seat leaving a vacant seat between myself and the remaining grumpy or is moving away rude, implying that he has offensive body odour or is in another way obnoxious?

I have e-mailed Debrett's for advice ( but wondered what you thought?

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