Tuesday, 18 March 2008


Shenfield station car park has a habit of getting crowded. To be more accurate, "people" have a habit of continuing to stuff their cars into the car park even after all spaces have been filled.

The car park people, those nice but dim folk at NCP, have decided that re-doing the car park lines and flow of traffic.

In doing this they've reduced the overall number of spaces available. Clearly a winning strategy when, on a regular basis, demand exceeds availability.

The other thing they've done is to paint arrows to direct traffic flow where previously there was no direction.

I've illustrated this below. The red arrows are the direction in which traffic travels when it arrives at the car park and the black arrows indicate the new arrows painted on the tarmac.

Before and after the painting.
Perhaps you can spot the deliberate mistake.


R N B said...

I presume you'll point them in the right direction :)

You knew I'd link you back here ... but your drawing is a lot better than mine!

Ann said...

Frankly I don't have the time to put the world to rights. Admittedly in this case I did contemplate finding contact details but I know sunk cost would outweigh any objection raised by unqualified me.