Thursday, 6 March 2008

When I'm cleaning windows

I should have had a bit of a panic attack today.

It was about midday and I was in the shower in the bathroom. Nothing there to induce panic, you might think but let me elaborate.

Our bathroom shower is above a bath with a transparent shower screen.

Our bathroom windows, and there are three, have no curtains or blinds. They're sash windows and the we've obscured the bottom pane on each using a privacy film.

Normally this isn't a problem. Our privacy isn't compromised because the bathroom is high in the house and you'd have to be up a ladder peering through the window to see anything.

My mind was wandering and thinking about all of this when I realised it was Thursday and we hadn't seen the window cleaner, who is usually in the area on Thursday every fourth week, for some time.

I could have got out immediately and covered up but instead this came to mind.

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