Wednesday, 19 March 2008

It wasn't going away

I've had a head cold since Christmas.

You know how it is; you just get on with life. Work needs to be done; kids need looking after. Basically there isn't time to be ill.

And these considerations aside it was a head cold so they go right? You can't have antibiotics; you just have to wait for the cold to outstay it's welcome.

Well I waited and waited and gradually just felt worse and worse. I just reached a point where I didn't feel my body had that much fight left in it. My immune system had spent too much time at full throttle and it had even used the fuel in its reserve tank.

Dave had been nagging me for a couple of months to make an appointment with the doctor and yesterday I felt so awful I did.

The verdict - an infection requiring double strength antibiotics.

"Do I have to take it with food, before food or...?" I asked and my lovely doctor said "You've got double strength, so just try and take them three times a day. You're supposed to take them an hour before food but I'm sure you've got enough on your plate without watching the clock to take tablets. They're double strength so even if you have them with food they'll still work."

He added later "And congratulations for waiting so long before coming in." He knows me so well, he knows I'm crap.

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