Saturday, 8 March 2008

I should know better

I was a designated driver last night so I have no excuse. Normally this only happens to me after an alcoholic beverage or two but it's happened too often and been so painful that I thought I'd learned my lesson.

I was discussing a friend and her ability to liven up any social gathering. I mentioned the suck blow game. You don't need to know the details but I do have pictures if you're interested.

Well a game that is often found accompanying the suck blow game is the bendy game. You do need details for the bendy game.

The bendy game starts with something like a prop like a menu. It should be able to rest on the floor and stand about 15 inches high.

The first player needs to pick the menu up using just their mouth. "Easy" you say. Slightly less easy when I explain that the only parts of the body allowed to touch the floor while one is doing this are one's feet.

OK, I know you're now imagining this, or maybe even trying it, and thinking that there isn't much of a challenge there.

Well all players must complete this first level and then an inch is ripped off the top of the menu/cereal box/important finance paper and the fun recommences for the second round and on and on until sufficient inches have been ripped off the item and the players give up. The player who lasts the longest (without clutching their inner thighs in agony), wins.

I find the best way to attempt this game is to sort of do the splits and bend forward. Now I can't actually do the splits (which is why I never got my BAGA 1) and this explains why this game is painful.

I am in pain and I should know better.

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