Wednesday, 5 March 2008

When is a shirt a blouse?

I was thinking about this today. I didn't know the answer. I'm still a bit confused after a bit of Googling. The only thing I could find that made sense was the different side on which buttons appear.

The reason for thinking about all of this, however, was thinking about a shirt (or blouse) that doesn't have buttons at all but hangs in my wardrobe (or laundry basket at the moment). It has poppers, or press studs.

That's a daft idea. The material for the shirt (blouse) is cotton with elastane or Lycra or similar. Anyway it's designed with some stretch in mind. Well if something is designed to stretch then surely a more secure fastening than poppers, which have a habit of popping when under stress, would be desirable.

All of which is a shame because I like this shirt (blouse). So I've sewn it up, literally. Am I the only mad bird that does things like this? I liked it so I found a way to make it work. Would other people have binned it?

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