Tuesday, 25 March 2008

What to do with Daddy

Dad needs to go into a home.

Ian has been looking around because a) Ian's a star and b) he's local to Dad.

He looked at one last week which ticked all of the boxes. It was clean, nicely decorated, conveniently located for the local town and had a spectacular seafront location. It had activities for residents and was comfortable to boot. It didn't do it for Ian though.

As Ian walked in he was shocked. All of the residents were in wheelchairs.

Even though Ian knows Dad is pretty much immobile it just hasn't really sunk in. Seeing a sea of elderly people confined to wheelchairs hit home. All of a sudden Dad's situation became more apparent.

As it happens this particular home decided that their product offering and Dad's customer needs were incompatible so the search continues. At least now the initial shock hurdle has been overcome.

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