Monday, 3 March 2008

This time it's personal

This morning I attempted to unlock my car using the remote central double locking key fob. I clicked twice. And nothing happened.

I went closer to the car and tried again. Nothing happened.

I assumed the battery in the key fob had died so went back into the house to get the spare. I clicked twice. And nothing happened.

I couldn't get into my car. My car was dead to me.

Normally, as I approach my car, the dash lights up to welcome me. But my car was snubbing me. It was ignoring me and not even allowing me into the driving seat.

Dave gave me a lift to the station and I walked home. I went out to the car and used the key to open the car. Nothing, no lights, no anything. Kaput.

Previously my car has tried to work. This time it's personal. It's given up.

I should hate this car, but I can't help admiring the fact it has attitude.

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