Wednesday, 12 March 2008

My employer is trying to kill me

Several weeks ago I phoned Facilities Management at work about the heavy metals, or more likely soot, that had been accumulating at my desk.

My desk was visited, a sample of the strange substance was taken for analysis and there was a commitment to change the filters in the air conditioning vent above my desk.

I heard and saw nothing so last week I called again to request an update on the change to the aircon filter.

While I was out of the office someone came up to investigate, again. They took another soot sample.

Today I received an e-mail telling me that my job, number 630, had been closed. I replied:

"Brilliant news....can someone tell me what the analysis showed the substance to be and can somebody confirm that the aircon filter has been changed."

Apparently somebody will be coming back to me.

I mentioned the problem to my husband and he reckoned the deposits on my desk are particulates from the engine test cells. Great, I thought, particulates are carcinogenic.

My colleagues have a different theory. Their explanation is that management on the floor above us are shitting on the workers below and that's what is coming through the vents.

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