Sunday, 2 March 2008

Mother of invention

There are lots of things that have been invented to lighten the load of the housekeeper but I think I have one of the ultimate requests.

I want a genetic mutation invention thing.

I want some kind of bug to be created that lives on a diet of spider's webs and dust.

This beastie must live outdoors and only come indoors to feed. There must be some nutritional value in cobwebs and dust. Maybe this creature could even produce something useful like silk too but I'd be happy with my first requirement.

Just think...if it existed you could buy a whole load and infest your house just as you leave on vacation. Upon your return your house would be spotless and dust free.

You might have guessed I have the mother of a dust and web problem at the moment.


R N B said...

Be careful what you wish for.

Spiders' webs are apparently largely just silk - once the beasties get their fill of that, they'll be after your clothes.

Household dust is apparently largely just human skin - once the beasties get their fill of that, they'll be after your

Ann said...

No...I was quite specific. It needs to feed on spider webs and dust. My silk clothes aren't made from spider webs. My dust may well include skin cells but it is dust. Providing the inventor sticks to the brief, everything will be fine.