Friday, 14 March 2008

Lies, damned lies and statistics part deux

I love statistics. I spoke to those lovely (really heavy sarcasm) people at Tiscali about our abuse of their fair usage policy (gits).

They have told us that we were using the internet excessively ( I mean really!). I asked for the data.

They told me it would cost me a tenner (bastards!)

Anyway I went to the "My account" section of the Tiscali website and there's a neat little button on there "Internet Usage." I clicked to see what it said about my internet usage.

The results showed a limited amount of info but it did show usage for a few days. It showed usage on days when we weren't even in the UK, and when nobody had access to our account.

How dare they even suggest there is anything untoward about my usage when their data is clearly unreliable?

Thinking broadband supplier...don't think Tiscali.


v!sh said...

I've been in London for 6 years now and have never changed broadband (BT) or cable TV (Sky) and we've never had any problems...ever, even when we moved house...

R N B said...

I'm sure Ann will be delighted to read that ;)

My policy is to keep things simplest (most traditional?), even at higher cost. My gas is from BG, my electricity is from LE, my phone is from BT, and my broadband is through fibre-optic cable cos that has the fattest pipe ...

but we're in London, cable doesn't seem to stretch out to Ann's place.

Ann said...

Cable is not an option. It isn't available to the Luddites of Brentwood. If it were, we would be less dissatisfied, more satisfied, at least in the broadband/TV/phone category.

There is always an upside. James from Trading Standards was very helpful this morning. He was a darling and he pointed me in the right direction (unfortunately not his direction) and gave me loads of guidance (hmmm).

I really shouldn't do comments after beer should I? ;)