Thursday, 26 June 2008

Attack of the killer....

Today I tried a little domesticity. Now don't go getting excited. I don't do domestic very well or very often.

I did a bit of tidying. A touch of cleaning. A tad of scrubbing. A bowl or two of washing up. You get the picture.

The bin needed emptying. We have a ridiculously small kitchen bin. People ask us "Why don't you just get a bigger bin?" Well big bins house rubbish for longer and they therefore smell more often. A small bin, out of necessity, requires frequent emptying thus allowing the kitchen to remain fragrant, or at least to smell of burnt food and not garbage (or thrown away, rotting burnt food).

When our bin needs emptying there is a choice. One can do the decent thing and empty it or, if one is a slattern, one can just poke and prod the contents to make more room in the bin. If poking and prodding fails, then pushing really hard and squashing everything mercilessly works.

Today I chosee to do the decent thing and took the bag out to the big nasty bins at the side of the house. I lifted the lid AND A MILLION EVIL BLACK BEASTS FLEW TOWARDS MY FACE!!!

OK, I know they were just flies or bluebottles or the like but it really was quite horrible. And I know that they grew from some maggoty things does one prevent that happening to one's bin, because it's a rather unpleasant experience that I would rather avoid in the future?

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