Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Ramblings of a mad woman

I think I'm in the wrong job. The problem I have is knowing what the right job is.

I am inherently lazy and couldn't face the thought of any extended re-training for a new role, so the right job would have to be one I could just slot into.

That limits things rather as I'm not really qualified to do anything. My degree is the kind that just lets you say "I have a degree." It doesn't actually provide me with a marketable skill, plus it was obtained so long ago now that it is, at best, a dim memory.

I do have quite a lot of experience, or accumulated knowledge, that I consider to be an advantage of advancing years. This just means I have a mental repository of how this, and a couple of other companies work in particular areas. I would never claim to know how the entire company works.

All of this is great if it relates in any way to a job that I would enjoy doing. The task I would have is knowing what I'd like.

I'm not saying I'm unhappy in my current role; I've never worked where I've been completely unhappy. I just think where I am is not the best fit for me.

My working style would have to be incorporated into any search criteria which would make things nigh on impossible. We could review my leadership behaviours, or lack of them, here but I'll save us both the pain.

Maybe I should just quit work for a while, take a break and re-evaluate my life, a sort of mid-life crisis sabbatical.


R N B said...

You are a psychic - that's what you are! I'm watching BBC now (10:20 pm) and Lucinda just said those exact words! (more or less)

Ann said...

Small typo. I believe the word you sought was psychotic, not psychic.