Saturday, 7 June 2008

Regulation required

I received a parking ticket for parking in a car park attached to a store. My crime was to walk out of the car park for the shortest of times.

The rules for this car park were clear that one could not step foot outside of the car park whilst one was parked there.

There were technical faults with the way the ticket was issued making it invalid. I challenged the ticket and the parking company advised me that the £70 for parking for 30 minutes still stood. They were judge and jury. They didn't even have the courtesy to pay for postage on their reply which I thought was rude.

I contacted the store who advised they would intervene on my behalf.

I have now had another letter from the parking company demanding £95 with menaces.

I assume the store has done nothing. I don't know what to do. The next thing they'll do is employ the blokes with baseball bats.

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