Monday, 2 June 2008

Oh dear

Every working mother has their own repertoire of solutions that help them combine a job and being a mum. Call them time savers or cheats, life would be tougher without them.

One of my own cheats is home made ready meals, otherwise known as batch cooking. Making one lasagne? Why not make five? Eat one, freeze four. Four go in the freezer to be taken out in the morning and placed in a timer set oven.

On the days that I work, Hannah doesn't have an evening meal until I've picked her up from the after school club and taken her home, usually at about 5:45.

This morning I set the oven ready for Hannah's dinner as per normal for a Monday and set off for work.

This evening I was running late so when I arrived home Dave had already collected Hannah and Ethan. Ethan was enjoying a snack but Hannah wasn't eating and there was no sign that she had consumed everything. I checked with Dave.

I might have set the oven but I hadn't actually put any food in there. Oh dear.

"Nurse, can we have Mrs Cardus's medication."

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