Sunday, 22 June 2008

Bluff and double bluff

The Tractor auction finished today.

Fortunately for me the item had been spotted on a Friday evening when transport company offices are generally closed for enquiries.

This meant that getting a quote for transport was too difficult. Viewing said vehicle was also tricky because we had plans for the weekend.

You might be thinking that everything is fine. Auction ended. No bid placed. Job done.

Ah, you see everything is not fine. Nobody placed a bid. The tractor is still available which means that Dave has all the time in the world to get transport quotes and travel to view it.

Clearly I needed to sow a seed of doubt. I have to say that for a limited time I thought this was a stroke of genius.

"Dave....does your driving licence allow you to drive a tractor?"


Anonymous said...

It's a lovely tractor, I must say...and I am sure you [secretly] want it - innit?

Ann said...

Vish - you're not even funny.