Monday, 16 June 2008

Viz Top Tip

OK, not up to the standard of a Viz Top Tip, but here's a tip anyway.

We've all done our shopping online with the major supermarkets.

You mean you haven't? You really ought to you know, it's jolly convenient.

Let's assume you have shopped for groceries online.

Normally you'd visit your supermarket of choice online, shop, checkout and that's it. Well did you know there's a way of saving money? Here are two websites to save you cash.

Online voucher website. This isn't a pretty website but has codes that can be used at checkout to save you cash. is something you'll hear referenced in supermarket advertising. It allows you to shop with your normal provider but housed within the portal. The experience is not quite the same, bu it's pretty good. Once you've completed your shopping you can use the trolley checker.

The trolley checker tells you whether another supermarket would be cheaper. It does make some product substitution assumptions when doing this but it's information you wouldn't get elsewhere and is, if nothing else, interesting.

If you stick with your chosen supermarket the trolley checker goes one step further and has a list of product swaps. It looks at what you've chosen and suggests cheaper alternatives. This is the thing you often miss by not browsing the shelves yourself so it's useful to have someone who's doing the legwork for you. You can choose to accept or refuse these suggestions.

The trolley checker will also offer calorie saving swaps. It will suggest alternative products that are lower in calories.

Once you're happy you've swapped or not swapped you just send your trolley to your chosen supermarket and select a delivery slot and pay in the usual way.

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