Friday, 13 June 2008

Come dine with me

Yes I watch Come Dine With Me. For the uninitiated, the show invites four strangers to host a dinner party in turn for the other contestants.

The person who gets the best total score from their guests wins £1,000.

I don't really understand why people voluntarily invite cameras into their home for a chance of winning £1,000. I really don't think the reward is worth the risk.

However I have considered which dishes I'd cook if I were to participate.

I don't have any winning starters or main courses but I think Winter Trifle might feature for dessert depending upon the season. I also make a mean and extremely rich Chocolate Mousse but it's no good for the elderly, the young or the pregnant because it contains raw egg.

I wonder, readers, whether you have any fail safe suggestions that could win me £1,000, hypothetically of course.

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