Saturday, 21 June 2008


My husband wants to buy a tractor.

Last week we happened upon some vintage tractors at a Vintage Steam Rally that also had vintage cars and tractors.

Don't ask me quite how it happened but Dave started searching for farm machinery and found a 1948 Ferguson TEA 20 Tractor on eBay. This could be an amusing diversion were it not for the fact that he is seriously considering placing a bid.

He's been investigating the vehicle transport to facilitate getting it home and has been talking about driving it to work, for a laugh.

It's not the money that worries me. It's the mindset. He's clearly off his rocker.

We can't even remember to get the MG through the MOT test. We struggle to store the MG and all of our junk in the garage. Where the heck will we find space for a tractor.

It was Jo's idea to go to the Steam Rally. Thanks Jo!

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