Sunday, 1 June 2008

Husband annoying - a hobby of mine

We went camping last weekend, and have sort of been in the habit of camping as an annual outing for about four years. BK (before kids) we had done more serious camping with very few comforts. Camping these days ensures that whatever vehicle we take is packed solid; a very different sort of camping.

My husband doesn't really like camping, especially in the rain, and we have been particularly unlucky with the weather in the last couple of years.

One might imagine that having completed the obligatory camping trip, Dave is relaxing in the knowledge that he won't be under canvas (or even polyester) until next May.

Unfortunately for Dave, he's married to me.

I felt a little cheated that our last day of our last excursion was marred by rain so I thought we'd have another go at 2008.

So I booked another trip for later in the year.

One of the things that was apparent on our last trip was that our tent leaks in heavy rain. The rain has to be significant and the leaks are extremely insignificant.

I've started shopping/browsing for a new tent. If there's one thing that annoys Dave more than having to do more camping than is absolutely necessary, it's spending money on an activity that he wants to do less of, not more of.

So where was I? Google search "5000 hydrostatic head 8 berth integrated groundsheet tunnel."

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